Whether it’s to help you get started, to grow by purchasing new premises, or even to buy out a retiring business partner, there's a huge range of finance options available.

Utilising many years of experience from within our firm and from the connections in our network, we'll find the best solution for you.

We'll begin with simply identifying the types of finance available in your situation. We then can assess the pros and cons of each type of finance, work with you to see how they fit in with your needs, as well as fitting in with your risk appetite, and agree what route we’d like to go down.

That's just the start

Once we know what we’re seeking, we can pull together all of the information required for the application – including cashflow forecasts – and get the application ready for submission.

We’ll continue to work with you throughout the application process, attending meetings with you and any grant providers, banks or other investors, and will generally be present to argue your case and ensure you lock in the deal you desire!

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CRC Accountancy
4 Soulisquoy Loan, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1BY