June 8th 2020, by Calvin Cooper

Furlough has been a necessary medicine.

Without it, COVID-19 would have given us significantly higher unemployment figures than it already has.

However, furlough addiction has become a very real thing. And now we're reaching the point where employers need to start weaning their staff.

What you gonna do 'bout it?!

Rather than the weaning process being another hurdle which employers must overcome; it's actually a fantastic opportunity.

You may have staff who - running up to COVID - were perhaps lacking in engagement from you and your business. Who weren't performing at the level you once expected of them.

In a funny way, COVID has now given you and your staff the break that you maybe both needed.

Now, you get to start with a clean slate, and get to re-focus what role your staff play in the organisation, and how they can really be part of creating a stronger, more resilient business post-COVID.

Happy, fulfiled and engaged staff = successul business.

What we gonna do 'bout it?!

Well we've been discussing this with Mark Blair, of Effective Now Consultancy, an Edinburgh-based firm aimed at getting the most out of your staff, and creating businesses with strong, tight knit cultures.

Instead of just chatting between ourselves, we've decided to host a webinar on Thursday 11th June at 12.00 (midday - not midnight) - where we'll discuss the opportunities available to employers at this time; in terms of their staff and culture, as well as the financial benefits this will ultimately have on the business.

We'll also discuss our top tips for how we'd go about the process of re-engagement.

Happy, fulfiled and engaged staff = successul business.

To register for this webinar, just click this link.

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Mark and I could discuss this stuff for days on end, but we've promised ourselves that we'll keep this webinar to within 1 hour (including time for some questions from you guys).

Oh, and this webinar is free, of course.

Our focus is simply on helping you guys make the most of your time with us, and coming away from your lunchbreak with a new perspective on the opportunities which lie ahead for you and your business.

What better way to break the addiction than creating a work situation which your staff are desparate to get back to and get involved with!

That's going be enough to get anyone off their arse!

We look forward to seeing you all then!

Meet Mark Blair

Mark has always been about teams. He developed his skillset during a notable 10-year career as a professional sportsman. A European Cup winner with Ulster Rugby and having represented his country (Ireland) Mark now delivers his experience in the world of business.

Following a sports career that seen Mark spend time in New Zealand, Ireland, France and Scotland a career transition took Mark back into the professional game with the IRFU (Irish Rugby Football Union) heading up a development programme for the identification of young Irish qualified talent outside of Ireland before stepping into the world of business coaching and consultancy.

Mark also continues his passion as the Director of Rugby of Penicuik Rugby helping develop grass roots rugby and giving back to the sport. On top of this Mark is also a Citing Commissioner for Scottish Rugby overseeing professional games in the Super 6, Pro 14 and European Competitions.

Mark lives in Auchendinny, Midlothian, is happily married to Kim and has two fantastic teenage kids, Katie and Sean.

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