March 26th 2020, by Calvin Cooper

Following on from our last webinar, 'Navigating Coronavirus as a business owner', this time we're going to be diving deeper into how to build a plan for the continuity of your business during this turbulent time.

It's entirely free, open to everyone, and will be held at 11.00am this Saturday (28th March 2020).

In this webinar we will:

- Help you and your team build resiliance to the current, and future, disruption.
- Outline the key considerations to help minimise the Coronavirus disruption's impact on your business
- Share and demonstrate our own process, and demonstrate our template to allow you to create a plan for your own business (you get to take the template away for free afterwards)

Overall, this session should leave you with a neat checklist of everything you need to consider, which will provide more clarity and hopefully reduce the stress of planning to mitigate against many angles of disruption your business will face.

Once again, if you're likely to miss it live, feel free to register anyway, and you'll have access to an On Demand recording of the webinar which you can watch when you get a moment. Attending live does give you the chance to fire questions at us during the event though!

To get a copy of the recording, feel free to email us and we'll happily send you it.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to register - look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Not sure what to expect? Check out our last webinar OnDemand here.

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CRC Accountancy
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