April 18th 2020, by Calvin Cooper

There's been a ton of guidance produced around the Job Retention Scheme, or 'JRS' for short. This is the scheme which you can claim 80% of the qualifying wages of your furloughed workers.

However, with all that noise and guidance online, it's easy for it to become overwhelming.

That's why, on Monday 20th April - when the online claim system goes live - we're opening our diary for one-to-one online appointments in which we'll work with you through the claim to help you get it submitted.

How will this work?

We'll use Zoom, the online free video conferencing software. You'll get a meeting link emailed to you when you book, along with the Zoom login details.

You're still very much in control of your submission, but this will allow us to see your screen and help let you know how to get this submitted.

First we can run through your claim calculations, and then work together, step-by-step, through the online claim form.

Don't worry if you've never used Zoom before - we'll talk you through it. No dramas.

How long will it take?

We don't know exactly how long submitting the claim will take, so we're allowing for 45 minutes in each session. This will give us plenty time to chat through your calculations first, and have some spare time incase HMRC's system is very busy.

How do I book?

Simply click the link below and choose a time which suits you. We're setting time aside from 2pm to 9pm, as we appreciate you all have differing work hours.


Ok, so how much does this cost?

Nothing. This is entirely free. We just want businesses to get this much needed money back into their accounts as quickly as possible.

Do I have to be an existing client?

Nope. This is open to all. Client or not, we want to see businesses succeed - and people stay in a job!

Awesome. What do I need to bring along?

Per the Government's website, you will need:

  • calculations of the amount you're claiming
  • PAYE online employer login details
  • your employer PAYE scheme reference number
  • the number of employees being furloughed
  • National Insurance Numbers for the furloughed employees
  • Names of the furloughed employees
  • Payroll/employee number for the furloughed employees (optional)
  • your Self Assessment Unique Taxpayer Reference, Corporation Tax Unique Taxpayer Reference, Company Registration Number or Employer Name (as appropriate)
  • the claim period (start and end date)
  • amount claimed (per the minimum length of furloughing of 3 consecutive weeks)
  • your bank account number and sort code - where the grant will be paid into!
  • your contact name
  • your phone number
  • A cup of coffee

Ok, we added that last one. But it won't do any harm.

What's next?

If you've got questions you'd like to ask before you book, just drop us a line and we'll be happy to run through them.

See you on Monday!

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